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4 Reasons to Never Bet with A Bookmaker Again [2022]

4 Reasons to Never Bet with A Bookmaker Again


Betting exchanges and bookmakers are the two main categories of betting platforms. Currently, traditional bookmakers and betting exchanges are both quite popular and provide several alternatives for placing bets. However, some reasons are also needed to be considered before placing bets with a bookmaker directly and using betting exchanges instead.

4 Reasons to Never Bet with A Bookmaker Again

#1 Consistent Winners Get Banned

The betting account of a bettor can be restricted or even banned if he frequently puts a lot of bets online and wins more often than loses. Accounts are restricted and closed by bookmakers to prevent fraud. It gives them the ability to stop anyone from utilizing unique deals and odds to benefit from matched betting, arbitrage, and other forms of betting.

However, a lot of bookmakers occasionally use this excuse to boost their profit margins. They simply don’t want to spend too much money on a bettor, and they also want to eliminate the players who discover winning strategies.

#2 Betting Exchanges Offer Better Odds

The majority of a bookmaker’s profits come from a significant margin. In other words, they set their odds lower than they ought to be in order to profit regardless of the outcome. A real 50/50 market would have odds of 2.0, but in a win/win market, bookmakers often provide 1.85 on each side of the bet. By providing odds with a margin, bookies gain money. Their profit is made at the margin.

The odds in betting exchanges are different since they are based on what is offered in the market. The holding of a margin is not desirable to exchanges. Actually, the odds that are being offered don’t truly concern betting exchanges. This is due to the fact that they are commission-based businesses. For instance, Betfair Exchange charges a 2-5% commission on all winning wagers. In most cases, this indicates that betting exchanges offer more favorable odds than bookies.

#3 Limit on Betting

There will always be a limitation on how much amount you can place in a bet, even if your bookmaker account is unrestricted. This limit of bet amount may change at any time, and it will differ for each customer. However, the amount of money in your account is the only restriction on how much you can stake on betting exchanges. Also, the amount of funds available in the market is the only limitation on a bet at an exchange.

Betting exchanges also provide bettors access to the high-limit betting markets that are usually unavailable if you place your bets through bookmakers directly.

#4 Only Back Bets

Back and Lay bets is a common term for professional bettors. Traditional bookmakers only let customers place back bets on sporting events. But, in the back bet, it won’t be matched unless someone else places a counter-lay bet on the same result.

Contrarily, lay bets are actually essential to the operation of betting exchanges that rely on them. For experienced bettors, the option to lay a wager on a betting exchange offers them a lot of options. They can profit from lost bets as well as winnings, eliminating the need to back winners!

These are some of the common reasons why a bettor should not bet directly with the bookmaker and use betting exchanges instead. You can check the top recommended betting exchanges of BestBettingAgents such as BetInAsia, Sportmarket, PremiumTradings, Asianconnect, and many more.