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4 Secrets to Never Get Tricked by A Bookmaker Again [2022]

4 Secrets to Never Get Tricked by A Bookmaker Again [2022]

The betting industry is massive, and betting companies make billions of dollars every year. As it is a business, it necessitates a high level of expertise as well as a large amount of money in order to generate a profit. A business that is profitable will unlikely desire to disclose its strategies and knowledge with others.

Bookmakers also have some secrets and tricks they do not want you to know. However, experienced bettors don’t fall into their trap, newbies often never understand these tricks of bookmakers. In this article, we will discuss the 4 secrets to never get tricked by a bookmaker again.

#1 Don’t Fall for Accumulator Bets

When you bet on multiple games, you get accumulators. Bookmakers push bettors to bet on multiple games, and they do so by paying big incentives to anyone who places bets on multiple accumulations. When you win an accumulator, the majority of bookmakers will give you a bonus of 10%, 20%, 30%, or even 100%. This is where they make the majority of their profit because winning an accumulator bet has little possibility!

In an accumulator bet, you have to place your stake on more than three games and you must win every game to win this bet. In a single game, the chance of winning is 50%; however, when you bet on multiple games, the chance of winning drops to less than 10%.

So, while you may see stories in the media about people winning a lot of money through accumulator bets, the actual proportion is relatively small when compared to the total accumulator bets placed every day. Bookmakers continue to profit from these types of bets, and they keep pushing you to place them. Don’t fall in their traps and just leave after winning a single game.

#2 Avoid Lower Limit Markets

There are two types of betting markets. The first one is High limit markets and the second one is Low limit markets. The liquidity available in a market determines the market’s limit. When a large amount of money is involved, the betting odds are more likely to reflect the underlying probability of the outcome. A game in the Premier League, for instance, has a significant betting volume on both sides. As a result, bookmakers may confidently give odds on certain occurrences. This happens in the High limit markets.

When it comes to niche events like small leagues, esports, youth leagues, political events, TV program events, and other similar things to place bets on, bookmakers have a lot less betting volume to estimate what the chance is. For example, in comparison to the Premier League, the Portuguese 3rd level attracts far fewer bettors. So, these are the Lower limit markets for betting.

These markets are also more prone to “inside info” betting, which means that insiders have access to information such as player injuries that isn’t publicly available to the general audience. They may then bet on a game that is significantly overpriced because they know a key player is injured but the bookmaker does not. As a result, if bookmakers see such bets, the player will most likely be restricted or suspended. That’s why never place your bets on Lower limit markets.

Although, it still can be possible to bet on lower limit markets and not get banned. You can use bet brokers to never get restricted or tricked while betting on lower limit markets. You can find info about the best bet brokers on BestBettingAgents.

#3 Bonus Bait of Bookmakers

Bonuses are frequently used by regular bookmakers to attract players to bet with them. The size of these bonuses varies, and the bonus clauses are frequently deceptive. This is something made by the bookmakers on purpose. Some bettors just got excited to see the huge rewards and blindly accept the terms set by the bookmakers. But, after watching closely, they understand that the misleading offer with unrealistic conditions is just for luring them to that specific bookmaker.

“Deposit 100 EUR, get 200 EUR to wager with” is an example of such a bonus. An inexperienced and covetous bettor will get impatient by seeing this offer and likely miss the (*) asterisk mark stating that “Terms and Conditions applied”. On the terms and conditions page, it will be stated that you must gamble the deposit plus bonus 20 times, which is tough and nearly impossible for an amateur bettor.

That’s why the terms and conditions of the bookmaker bonus that a player is signing up for should be understood by the player. You will lose money in the long run if you accept everything blindly.

#4 Don’t Stick with Just One Bookmaker

All bookmakers strive to keep you loyal to their company. They, predictably, dislike competition. They provide promotions and bonuses to keep you away from exploring other bookmakers. However, you should be aware that whatever your current and preferred bookmaker is offering, there is another betting service that is offering something far superior. You simply need to check carefully.

Don’t get too attached to a single bookmaker; they aren’t your friends, and whatever bonuses and deals they provide you are only designed to be collected afterward. After all, they are in business to earn money. Get up and look for a better bookmaker with more possibilities.

Keep these 4 secrets in your mind to not get tricked by a bookmaker and win bets successfully.