4 Tips to Avoid Being Tricked by Sportsbooks [2022]

4 Tips to Avoid Being Tricked by Sportsbooks


Bookmakers generate billions of dollars in annual revenue from the enormous betting market. Being a business requires both a significant investment of money and sufficient competence in order to turn a profit. A successful business won’t likely want to share its tactics and information with others.

Additionally, sportsbooks have certain insider information they do not wish bettors to discover. However, experienced bettors are knowledgeable about how bookies operate, beginners sometimes fall into their traps. We will go over the four strategies in this article to ensure that you avoid Being tricked by a sportsbook again.

  1. Do Not Bet in the Markets Having Lower Limits

Two different markets exist for betting – high-limit markets and low-limit markets. The limit of a market is based on the liquidity it has to offer. When there is a lot of money at stake, the odds are more probable to accurately represent the potential of the event.

For example, there is considerable betting on both sides of a Premier League match. Because of this, bookmakers can confidently set odds for certain sports. This takes place in high-limit marketplaces.

Bookmakers have significantly less betting opportunity to evaluate the probability of winning when it is a niche event like minor leagues, esports, under eighteen sports events, political events, TV program events, and other comparable activities to place bets on. For instance, the Portuguese third division gets much fewer bettors than the Premier League. Hence, they are the lower-limit betting markets.

These markets also have insiders who have access to private information about a club or match that the general public does not, such as player injuries, team tactics, etc. Since bettors are unaware that a crucial player is injured, they may place wagers on a match that is highly overvalued. Therefore, if bookmakers discover such bets, the player will probably face restrictions or suspension. Never bet on marketplaces with lower limits for this reason.

However, it is still feasible to bet on markets with lower limits without getting in trouble. When betting on smaller limit markets, you can utilize bet brokers to ensure that you are not in direct contact with the bookmakers. On BestBettingAgents, you will get information on the top betting brokers.

  1. Do Not Rely Solely on One Bookmaker

All bookmakers work hard to maintain their loyal customer base.  They do not want any competition in the business. Hence, they offer bonuses and promotions to entice you away from rival bookmakers. Therefore, you should know whatever your bookmaker and others are offering. There may be other betting services, that provide something significantly better. Just make sure to look carefully.

Avoid becoming overly loyal to a single bookmaker because they aren’t your friends and any bonuses and discounts, they offer you are merely there to be recovered eventually. They are in the money-making business, after all. Go up and start looking for a better sportsbook with more opportunities.

  1. Avoid Placing Accumulator Bets

You gain accumulators when you place bets on many games. Bookmakers encourage bettors to place bets on various games by offering generous bonuses to those who place wagers on multiple accumulations. Most bookies will award you a reward of 10%, 20%, 30%, or even 100% if your accumulator is successful. Since there is little chance of winning an accumulator bet, that’s where they make the most out of their profit.

An accumulator bet requires you to invest money in more than 3 matches, and you have to win all the games for the bet to be successful. The possibility of winning in a single game is 50%; however, the likelihood of winning decreases to less than 10% when you bet on numerous games.

As a result, despite the fact that you may hear about people winning a large sum of money through aggregate bets, the proportion is actually rather modest compared to the entire number of accumulator bets made daily. These bets continue to bring in cash for bookmakers, who will continue to encourage you to put them. Avoid falling into their traps and leaving after only one successful game.

  1. Do Not Fall for the Bonus Temptation

Traditional bookmakers regularly employ bonuses to entice bettors to place bets with them. These bonuses come in different sizes, and the bonus stipulations are frequently misleading. The bookmakers intentionally created this. Some bettors simply accepted the terms imposed by the bookmakers out of a sense of excitement at the large profits. However, after paying serious attention, they realize that the deceptive offer with implausible terms is only intended to lure them to that particular bookmaker.

Such a bonus might say, “Deposit 500 EUR, get 1500 EUR to bet with.” An inexperienced and impatient bettor who sees this offer will become agitated and probably overlook the (*) asterisk that indicates that “Terms and Conditions” are imposed.” It will be specified on the terms and conditions page that you must bet the amount and reward 20 times, which is challenging and practically impossible for a beginner bettor.

For this reason, the player should comprehend the terms and conditions of the sportsbook bonus before signing up. If you believe everything without question, you’ll end up losing money over the long term.

Keep these 4 tips in mind to avoid being tricked by a sportsbook and to win bets. To know more tips and secrets about bookmakers, follow the blog section of BestBettingAgents.