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Best 4 Strategies for Live Betting [2022]

Best 4 Strategies for Live Betting

Live betting is a form of gambling that is growing in popularity. It is a popular but dangerous way to gamble. The fast pace of the action and the ability to bet on a wide variety of outcomes make it appealing to many people. The main advantage of live betting is that it allows you to take advantage of changes in the game as they happen.


However, there are also some serious risks associated with this form of betting. First of all, bookmakers often take a bigger vigorish on live bets than they do on regular bets. This means that you’re less likely to win in the long run. Additionally, things can change very quickly in a live game, and you may not have time to make an informed decision before placing your bet. As a result, it’s easy to lose money very quickly if you’re not careful.


In order to be a successful live bettor, it is crucial to have a strategy. By being smart and strategic, you can ensure that you come out on top regardless of what the final score may be. Let’s check the best 4 strategies for live betting by the BestBettingAgents below.

Best 4 Strategies for Live Betting


  1. Playing Time is the Defining Factor

One of the main factors that determine whether or not you win a live bet is the match time. This may seem like an obvious point, but it’s important to consider how long the game you are betting on will last. For example, if you are placing a bet on a football game, you need to be aware of how much time is left in the game. If there are only 10 minutes left, it’s probably not worth placing a bet because the outcome is almost certain.


However, if there is still an hour left, then it might be worth considering a bet. The same goes for other sports like basketball or hockey. It’s essential to know how much time is left in the game before placing a live bet.

  1. Go Against Popular Bets

Another helpful tip for in-play football betting is to go against popular bets. This may seem counterintuitive, but it is worth trying. Let’s say that Manchester United is playing against Chelsea and everyone is predicting that Chelsea will win. However, you think that Manchester United has a chance to pull off an upset. In this case, it might be worth placing a bet on Manchester United because the odds will be stacked in your favor if they do win. Of course, there’s always risk involved in gambling, but this is just one example of how going against popular bets can help you succeed in the long run.

  1. Knowing When to Place Your Bet Based on Odds Movements

Another helpful tip for in-play football betting is knowing when to place your bet based on odds movements. This can be a bit tricky to master, but essentially, you want to keep an eye on the odds and place your bet when the odds are in your favor. For example, let’s say that the odds of Manchester United winning are 2/1 (meaning that for every $1 you bet, you stand to win $2).


However, as the game gets closer and closer, the odds change and they become 3/1. In this case, it would be worth placing your bet at 2/1 because you’re getting better value for your money. Of course, this isn’t always possible or realistic, but it’s something to keep in mind when placing your bets.

  1. Stay Up-to-Date

From staying up-to-date on the latest news to connecting with friends and family, there’s no doubt that it plays a significant role in our daily lives. Besides, social media can also be a valuable asset for anyone looking to gain an edge in the world of sports betting. In particular, leaked football lineups can provide bettors with a significant advantage. These days, many Instagram accounts are dedicated to leaking out lineups for fantasy football purposes.


However, these same accounts can also be used to obtain information on upcoming real-life football matches. By following these accounts and keeping an eye out for lineup changes, bettors can gain a valuable edge over the competition. So, if you’re serious about winning big in live betting, don’t forget to follow the leaks.


Live betting is a form of gambling that has its pros and cons. To be successful at live betting, gamblers must be disciplined and have self-control. It is also crucial to have a strategy when live betting. As with any gambling, there’s always risk involved. However, following these tips may help increase your chances of winning live bets overall! Thanks for reading!