Best Bundesliga Odds with Asianconnect [2022]

Best Bundesliga Odds with Asianconnect


In this article, we’ll learn about the best Bundesliga odds with Asianconnect.

What is Bundesliga?

The Bundesliga is the most enticing football championship in the world based on the average attendance. FC Bayern Munich ruled this league from 1963 until 2021, winning the championship 31 times.

The previous season, FC Bayern Munich won the title under the leadership of Robert Lewandowski, who had 26 goals for the team. In addition, with 303 goals, he is currently the second goal scorer in league history, after Gerd Müller (365 goals).

It’s important to understand some of the problems with regular bookmakers in the betting industry before diving into the Bundesliga odds and betting markets. Let’s examine this issue in full depth and seek solutions.

Regular Bookmakers’ Problems with Consistent Winners

Consistent winnings and speedy earnings provide bettors with a feeling of accomplishment. But what if this winning streak causes your account to be suspended or limited? Many reputable bookies have a bad reputation for restricting or suspending the accounts of repeat winners. Unfortunately, the majority of consistent winners face this issue because not all bookmakers value consistent wins and usually arbitrarily restrict winners’ accounts.

This is because traditional bookmakers don’t want their clients to be aware of all strategies of betting. In general, sportsbooks lose more money when experienced bettors place consecutive winning bets than when amateur bettors do. After then, they start imposing limits on winning accounts in an effort to deter winners from placing additional bets.

Even if customers are aware that the bookmakers’ acts are illegal, they frequently find themselves incapable to stop them because the bookies explicitly stated in the “Terms and Conditions” that they have the authority to regulate customer accounts.

What Is the Solution?

Use betting exchanges, which act as an intermediary between players and bookies, if you want to place a bet safely. Making bets no longer requires dealing with bookmakers directly. As a result, neither restrictions nor bans will apply to your personal betting account. You must bet with Asianconnect, a betting exchange that BestBettingAgents heartily recommends, for the best odds and liquidity.

Why Asianconnect?

  • Users can access a number of reputable bookies through Asianconnect, a reputable and expert betting exchange. There won’t be any direct contact between you and the bookmakers since it places bets on the bettors’ behalf. Thus, you would not be concerned that your accounts will be restricted or banned as a result.
  • Each bookmaker on Asianconnect also has a unique business strategy. Unlike traditional bookmakers, Asianconnect and other smart bookies only profit from turnovers. Since it receives commissions from the bookies, it also gives customers a free service.
  • Any stake that Asianconnect deems to be “Sharp money” will be accepted, and betting lines will be changed accordingly. The process will then be replayed, but this time a bet will be placed based on the same odds on the opposing side. As a result, Asianconnect can control both parties’ activities, decreasing the chance that the bet will be unsuccessful.

There are several different markets available for betting on the Bundesliga from the major bookmakers. As a result, there are numerous betting markets available. Let’s look at some of the best betting possibilities in this league.

Popular Betting Markets for the Bundesliga

  • Asian Handicap: In the Asian Handicap betting market, the spread is divided into portions of 25 and 0.75. Your wager will be divided proportionally between the two parts with equal odds if you select one of these options. Removing the draw option decreases the number of options from three to two (in standard 1X2).
  • Goal Total Over/Under: The over/under betting market concentrates on predicting individual game elements rather than the final result. This market values game elements like total goals over the ultimate outcome, much like the 1X2 and handicap markets do.
  • 1X2: This league’s most well-liked betting option is 1X2. It is also referred to as three-way betting because 1 indicates a home victory, X indicates a draw, and 2 indicates an away victory. The percentages of home team victories, draw, and away team victories during the previous Bundesliga season were 16%, 26.47%, and 31.37%, respectively.
  • League Winner Bets: The league champion is the favorite among bettors in this market. Even if the odds are not great and the outcome of this type of wager can be predicted with ease, it is nonetheless a famous market among amateur bettors.
  • Top Goalscorer: There are many bookmakers who allow bettors to guess and place bets on the Bundesliga season’s top goal scorer. It is not a good idea to bet against Robert Lewandowski because he constantly scores many goals in this league!
  • League Winner Without the Champion bets: Betting on the runner-up team is pretty prevalent because there is a significant chance that Bayern Munich will take home the league title.

The Bundesliga’s six listed markets are by far the most popular ones for betting. On the Asianconnect website, you may browse and bet on all of these well-known betting markets. It provides gamblers with a large selection of sportsbooks, the best odds, and the most liquidity.

What Makes Asianconnect Different Than Others?

  • All of the bookmakers that Asianconnect members have access to do not punish persistent winners who place little bets. It also helps expert gamblers search for a more favorable betting atmosphere.
  • It places bets with the sportsbooks that have the best odds after automatically identifying them. For experienced gamblers, Asianconnect’s improved possibilities of winning are its main draw.
  • Customers’ bets are how betting exchanges like Asianconnect generate revenue. On this platform, winning players are constantly valued since they are informed about betting strategies and know how to optimize their winnings, which helps the betting exchange.
  • Another benefit of using Asianconnect as a betting exchange is the fact that it does not hold betting positions. As a result, gamblers don’t need to be concerned about running out of cash or being unable to pay cash.

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