How To Get Best Bundesliga Odds with Bookielink [2022]

Best Bundesliga Odds with Bookielink

In this post, we’ll show you how to get best Bundesliga odds with Bookielink. Before going into the Bundesliga odds, it’s crucial to be aware of some of the problems with traditional bookmakers in the betting market. Let’s go deeper into this problem and come up with solutions.

Problems With Conventional Bookmakers for Consistent Winners

Every bettor aspires to experience a winning streak. It even happens with some professional bettors who become experts in betting strategies. But what happens if you start consistently winning bets and your account is limited or suspended? Unfortunately, this is the situation that most regular winners find themselves in because certain bookmakers do not value regular winnings and often ban the winner’s account for no apparent reason. Even if you win honestly, you will be considered to be cheating.

It happens because bookies do not wish to continually provide you a substantial payment. Players cannot sue them even if bookies act unethically because they always agree to their “Terms & Conditions” before making bets.

What Is the Solution?

The BestBettingAgents are here to assist you with this issue. Rather than dealing with bookmakers directly, this problem can be avoided by betting through a betting exchange such as Bookielink. Betting exchanges are used to communicate with bookmakers. It is no longer essential to make bets with bookies directly, and thus there is no risk of your account being restricted or suspended.

Why Bookielink?

  • Through Bookielink, a professional and dependable betting exchange, players can connect to the Asian betting markets. They are not obliged to make bets with bookies directly because Bookielink manages wagers on their behalf. Consequently, they can stop worrying about their accounts being limited or suspended.
  • Each sportsbook Bookielink offers also has a distinct business strategy. Unlike regular bookmakers, Bookielink and other smart bookmakers only profit from turnovers. Due to the revenue, it earns from bookies, it provides players with a free service.
  • Any stake that qualifies as “sharp money” is accepted by Bookielink, and the odds will be adjusted to reflect this. The process will then be replayed after a rival player places a stake against the same odds. Bookielink reduces the chance that the stake will lose by managing the behavior of both parties.

Now let’s look at the Bundesliga and some of its most popular betting markets.

What is Bundesliga?

The Bundesliga is the most enticing football league in the world based on average attendance. FC Bayern Munich ruled this league from 1963 until 2021, winning the championship 31 times.

The team’s performance of the previous season when they won the title was driven by Robert Lewandowski, who made 26 goals for FC Bayern Munich. As the second-highest goal scorer in league history, he has 303 goals, trailing only Gerd Müller’s 365 goals.

Popular Betting Markets for the Bundesliga

There are several different markets available for betting on the Bundesliga from the top sportsbooks. As a result, there are numerous betting markets available. Let’s look at some of the best betting possibilities in this league.

Best Bundesliga Odds with Bookielink

  • Goal Total Over/Under: Instead of predicting the outcome, the over/under betting market concentrates on predicting game elements. This market places a higher value on game characteristics like total goals than the final result, identical to the 1X2 and Asian handicap markets.
  • Asian Handicap: In the Asian Handicap betting system, the spread is divided into 25 and 0.75 portions. If you select one of these options, your bet will be divided proportionately among the two halves with similar odds. The draw option is removed, bringing the number of options down to only two from three (in standard 1X2).
  • 1X2: This league’s most well-liked betting option is 1X2. It is also referred to as three-way betting because 1 indicates a home win, X indicates a draw, and 2 indicates an away win. The percentage of home team victories, draws, and away team victories during the last Bundesliga season were 16%, 26.47%, and 31.37%, respectively.
  • League Winner Bets: In this market, players bet on the champion team. Even though it is possible to predict the outcome of this type of wager simply, and the odds are not great, it remains a popular market among amateur gamblers.
  • League Winner Without the Champion bets: Betting on the team that finished second is fairly prevalent because there is a significant chance that Bayern Munich will win the Bundesliga championship.
  • Top Goalscorer: There are many bookmakers who allow players to forecast and place bets on the Bundesliga season’s top goal scorer. It is not a good idea to bet against Robert Lewandowski because he constantly scores a significant number of goals in this league!

The Bundesliga’s six listed markets above are by far the more popular ones for betting. On the Bookielink website, you may browse and bet on all of these well-known betting markets. It provides bettors with a large selection of sportsbooks, the best odds, and the highest liquidity.

What Sets Bookielink Apart from Others?

  • Customers of Bookielink are connected to a variety of bookmakers, all of which do not prevent consistent winners from placing little bets. It also offers a platform for expert bettors looking for a more advantageous betting setting.
  • It selects the bookies with the highest odds and then automatically places bets with them. Your chances of winning in the long run rise in this way, which lures professional players.
  • Unlike several bookmakers, this bet broker does not hold positions on bets, which reduces the likelihood that bettors will run out of funds and be unable to recover their losses.
  • Bookielink generates revenue from bets made by players. As a result, this platform constantly values consistent winners.

If you don’t have a Bookielink account then follow this guideline of BestBettingAgents to register an account easily.