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How To Get Best Bundesliga Odds with PremiumTradings [2022]

This post will explore the biggest Bundesliga betting markets and offer advice on how to get best Bundesliga odds with PremiumTradings. It’s essential to be conscious of a few issues with traditional bookies before you start placing bets with them. Here are some future problems you might face and their solutions.

Issues with Traditional Bookmakers for Regular Winners

It is satisfying for bettors to swiftly and consistently win bets and generate profits. But what happens if your winning streak leads to account restrictions or suspension? The accounts of frequent winners have historically been restricted or closed by a number of reputable bookies. Sadly, this is the truth for the majority of frequent winners, as some bookies block winners’ accounts for no apparent reason if they keep winning.

It does happen because bookmakers don’t want to consistently lose a lot of money on you. However, since you accepted their “Terms and Conditions” before you began placing bets, you cannot sue the bookies for their unlawful actions. Even if you win honestly, cheating will be assumed. This is a serious problem for both professional bettors and amateur gamblers.

What Is the Solution?

This issue can be avoided by employing betting exchanges, which act as a middleman between you and the bookmakers. As a result, betting with bookmakers directly is no longer necessary. Because of this, your account won’t be restricted or suspended. To get the best odds and the most liquidity, you should place your bets with PremiumTradings, one of BestBettingAgent’s recommended betting exchanges.

Why PremiumTradings?

  • PremiumTradings, a renowned and expert sports betting exchange, gives users access to a variety of bookies. You won’t be interacting with bookmakers directly because it arranges bets on the bettors’ behalf. You won’t have to be concerned about your account being restricted or suspended as a result.
  • PremiumTradings guarantees extraordinarily high betting limits by providing players with access to the bookmakers with the greatest odds and liquidity. High-stakes game winners in particular gain from it. Most of the bookies that PremiumTradings provides are Asian, which are well known for having higher betting limits.
  • On PremiumTradings, every bookmaker has a unique business strategy. Unlike traditional bookmakers, PremiumTradings and other sharp bookmakers only profit on turnovers generated by the bets of bettors. Additionally, they provide a free service to customers because bookies pay them a commission on each stake.
  • Any stake that meets the criteria for “Sharp money” at PremiumTradings is taken into account when adjusting the lines. A member of the losing side will then make a wager against each subsequent set of odds, and the process will be repeated. By regulating the behavior of both parties, PremiumTradings reduces the likelihood that the bet will fail.

Let’s now examine the Bundesliga and some of this league’s most well-liked betting markets.

What is Bundesliga?

Based on average attendance, the Bundesliga is the most appealing football league in the world. Between 1963 and 2021, FC Bayern Munich dominated this competition, taking the title 31 times.

Robert Lewandowski, who scored 26 goals for FC Bayern Munich, led the squad to victory the previous season as they won the title. Additionally, he has 303 goals, which puts him behind Gerd Müller’s 365 goals as the second-highest goal scorer in league history.

Popular Betting Markets for the Bundesliga

The major bookmakers provide a wide variety of markets for wagers on the Bundesliga. Consequently, you can bet on a variety of betting markets. Let’s examine some of the top betting opportunities in this league.

Best Bundesliga Odds with PremiumTradings

  • Asian Handicap: The spread is split into parts of 25 and 0.75 in the Asian Handicap betting method. If you choose one of these alternatives, your stake will be split equally between the two halves with comparable odds. It reduces the number of possibilities from three to two by eliminating the draw option (in standard 1X2).
  • 1X2: The most popular betting market in this league is 1X2. Due to the fact that 1 denotes a home victory, X denotes a draw, and 2 denotes an away victory, it is also known as three-way betting. In the previous Bundesliga season, the percentages of home team wins, draws, and away team wins were 16 %, 26.47 %, and 31.37 %, respectively.
  • Goal Total Over/Under: The over/under betting market focuses on forecasting game components rather than the outcome. Similar to the 1X2 and handicap markets, this market prioritizes game variables like total goals over the final outcome.
  • Top Goalscorer: Numerous bookmakers allow bettors to predict and bet on the leading goal scorer during the Bundesliga season. Given that Robert Lewandowski consistently scores a lot of goals in this league, it is not a great idea to bet against him!
  • League Winner Bets: Bettors in this market make their wagers on the league champion. Although the outcome of this form of wager may be easily predicted and the odds are not very good, it is nevertheless a favorite market among new bettors.
  • League Winner Without the Champion bets: Since there is a good possibility that Bayern Munich will win the league championship, betting on the runner-up club is fairly common.

The six markets indicated above are by far the most often used betting options in the Bundesliga. You can browse and wager on all of these well-known betting markets on the PremiumTradings site. It offers a wide range of sportsbooks, the greatest odds, and the most liquidity to bettors.

Why PremiumTradings Is Better?

  • All of the sportsbooks that are available to PremiumTradings users do not ban consistent winners who place even minimal bets. It also helps experienced players who search for a more profitable betting environment.
  • It searches for the sportsbooks offering the greatest odds and instantly places bets there. Because of this, your odds of long-term success increase, which appeals to seasoned gamblers.
  • Another benefit of using this platform is the lower chance of bettors running out of cash and being unable to pay their wins because, unlike some betting exchanges, it does not retain positions on bets.
  • Customers’ wagers generate revenue for PremiumTradings. As a result, the website constantly values consistent winners.

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