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How to Get Best Bundesliga Odds With Sportmarket [2022]

Best Bundesliga Odds With Sportmarket

What is Bundesliga?

The Bundesliga is the world’s most attractive football league based on the average attendance. FC Bayern Munich ruled this league between 1963 and 2021, winning the championship 31 times.

FC Bayern Munich was the champion of the previous season, with Robert Lewandowski leading the way with 26 goals for the team. He is also the second-highest goal scorer in the league history, with 303 goals, behind Gerd Müller‘s 365 goals.

Popular Betting Markets for the Bundesliga

There are numerous markets to pick from while betting on the Bundesliga at the big bookmakers. So, you can place bets on various types of betting markets. Let’s have a look at some of the best betting markets in this league.

Best Odds in Bundesliga

  • Goal Total Over/Under: The over/under betting market concentrates on predicting game elements instead of the result. In this market, which is comparable to the 1X2 and handicap markets, game elements such as total goals are more important than the ultimate result.
  • 1X2: In this league, the most preferred betting market is 1X2. It is also referred to as three-way betting because 1 means a home win, X indicates a draw, and 2 represents an away win. The home team win, draw, and away team win percentages in the previous Bundesliga season were 16 percent, 26.47 percent, and 31.37 percent, respectively.
  • Asian Handicap: The Asian Handicap is a betting system in which the spread is divided into fractions of 25 and 0.75. Your stake will be divided equally among the two portions with similar chances if you select one of these options. By removing the option of a draw, it lowers the possible outcomes from three to two (in standard 1X2).
  • Top Goalscorer: During the Bundesliga season, many bookies allow bettors to guess and bet on the top goal scorer. It is not a good idea to bet against Robert Lewandowski because he is scoring high each season!
  • League Winner Bets: In this betting market, bettors place their bet on the champion of the league. Despite the fact that the result of this bet type is simply predicted and the odds are not very favorable, it remains a favorite market among novice bettors.
  • League Winner Without the Champion bets: Betting on the runner-up team is quite popular among bettors since the chances of Bayern Munich winning the trophy in this league are relatively strong.

The above-mentioned six markets are by far the most popular betting choices in the Bundesliga. On the Sportmarket platform, you can find and bet on all of these famous betting markets. It provides bettors with the best odds, the most liquidity, and a variety of sportsbooks.

Problems With Regular Bookmakers for Winners

A fortunate bettor could be good enough to win multiple bets in a row. But, most bookmakers do not appreciate this type of constant winning and the winner gets limited or permanently restricted as a result.

As the constant winners get accustomed to the weak spots of the bookmakers and know well which type of bet has the highest probability to win, bookmakers are at risk of losing a lot of profits. That’s why they simply restrict or permanently ban the winner’s account. Now, is this action of the bookmakers ethical? The answer is “No” but still you can’t take legal actions against them. The reason is you do not read the “Terms and Conditions” of the bookmaker with full concentration. You are agreeing to their conditions before placing bets with them and thus you are unable to sue them.

What Is the Solution?

Don’t worry! The BestBettingAgents has a solution to this problem. The solution is to bet through bet brokers rather than directly with bookmakers.

Bet brokers act as the intermediary for you and the bookmakers. That’s why it is not required to place your bets directly with the bookmakers. Hence, there is no chance of your account being restricted or terminated.

You can try Sportmarket, one of the top recommended bet brokers of the BestBettingAgents.

Why Sportmarket?

  • Sportmarket is a renowned and competent sports brokerage platform that offers a variety of betting options. You won’t be interacting with bookmakers directly because it put stakes on behalf of bettors. So, there’s no need to be concerned about your accounts being limited or suspended.
  • Furthermore, each of the bookmakers on Sportmarket has its own business plan. Unlike traditional bookmakers, Sportmarket and other sharp bookies rely only on turnovers to make money. Furthermore, because it collects commissions from bookies, it provides a free service to bettors.
  • Any stake that classifies as “sharp money” is accepted by Sportmarket, and their lines are changed appropriately. The process will then be repeated with an opponent player betting against the same odds. Sportmarket is able to manage both sides’ activities in this way, lowering the danger of losing the bet.

What sets Sportmarket apart from others?

  • Sportmarket offers a wide range of bookies to its customers, all of whom do not restrict consistent winners even who stake small amounts. Furthermore, it serves as a platform for professional bettors seeking a more efficient betting environment.
  • It picks the bookies offering the best odds and automatically places bets with them. As a result, your long-term winning odds increase, which is attractive to serious gamblers.
  • Another benefit of using this platform is that, unlike some betting exchanges, it does not hold positions on bets, reducing the risk of bettors running out of cash and not being able to cover their losses.
  • Sportmarket makes money from bettors’ wagers. That’s why they always appreciate consistent winners to their platform.

To receive exclusive discounts, create a Sportmarket account if you don’t already have one. If you register your account via BestBettingAgents by clicking on this link, you will receive 0.025% cashback on all your turnover from Sportmarket bets, as well as a 100 EUR welcome bonus. To qualify for the cashback offer, remember to apply the promo code (“BBA”).