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How To Get Best Champions League Odds with Sportmarket [2022]

Best Champions League Odds with Sportmarket

What is Champions League?

The UEFA Champions League is an annual football competition organized by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) and participated by elite European clubs. This league has 32 clubs competing in a five-round tournament for the title of Europe’s best club.

Real Madrid has a total of 13 European Cup championships between 1955 and 2021. The next to it in terms of titles is AC Milan with 7 Champions League titles. The title winner of the last season is Chelsea, winning against Manchester City by 1-0. Sébastien Haller of Ajax is the top goal scorer in the 2020-21 season, with 10 goals. With 9 goals for Bayern Munich, Robert Lewandowski sits in second place on the list.

Popular Betting Markets for This League

All the big teams of the Champions league take it very seriously and do whatever it takes to win. Therefore, betting on the favorite team to win tickets to the Champions League is especially safe. Bettors can place bets on this tournament at various sections using multiple famous betting markets.

Best Champions League Odds and Markets

  • Asian Handicap: The Asian Handicap is a betting market within which the unfold is split into fractions of 25 and 0.75. If you choose one of these alternatives, your bet will be divided equally between the two halves, with similar odds. It decreases the number of possible results from three (in standard 1X2) to two by eliminating the draw option. This betting market is equally popular with both Asians and bettors from other regions.
  • 1X2: 1X2 is the most popular betting option in this league. Also known as a three-way bet, 1 stands for the home win, X stands for a tie, and 2 stands for away win. The home team win, draw, and away team win percentages in the previous Champions League season were 8%, 19.2%, and 40%, respectively.
  • Goal Total Over/Under: In the over/under betting market, you have to choose whether the game ends with a certain number of goals (usually set to 5). In this market, game parameters such as total goals are more important than the final outcome.
  • Exact Scoreline: Another way to bet on the Champions League is to try to predict the exact score. In contrast to over/under goals, which allow for some flexibility, you must get the score exactly right to win. This bet can be placed at any point during the game, with the odds changing depending on the time remains.
  • Group Winner Odds: There are four clubs in each Champions League group. Two will proceed to the next round of the competition. Predicting the winner and runner-up is an easy bet for beginners, and it’s one of the most popular betting markets among fans.

By far the most popular betting options in Champions League are the five markets listed above. On the Sportmarket platform, you may find these and many other betting markets. It provides bettors with the best odds, the most liquidity, and a wide range of bookies.

Problems With Traditional Bookmakers for Winners

It is rewarding for bettors to win and profit in a timely manner. But what if your account is suspended or limited as a result of your consistent winning streak? Several well-known bookmakers have a notorious reputation for blocking or closing consistent winners’ accounts. Unfortunately, this is the case for most persistent winners, as not all sportsbooks accept constant winnings and will limit winners’ accounts for no reason.

The reason behind this is that traditional bookmakers do not want a bettor to know all the betting strategies and be a professional bettor. As the professional bettor tends to win bets one after another successfully, the sportsbooks have to lose relatively more money in comparison to the recreational bettors. That’s when they start limiting the winner accounts to demotivate them to place more bets. Despite knowing that this activity of the bookmaker is unfair, bettors are usually unable to do something against them as the bookmakers mentioned their account regulation authority of them in the “Terms and Conditions”.

What Is the Solution?

The solution is to place bets through betting exchanges, which operate as a mediator between you and the sportsbooks. In this way, placing bets with bookies directly is no longer essential. Hence, neither your account nor your access to it will be restricted or suspended.

Don’t be concerned if certain betting exchanges do not comply with ethical norms. BestBettingAgent’s favorite betting exchange, Sportmarket, is where you should place your bets for the best odds and safety.

Why Sportmarket?

  • Sportmarket is a well-known and professional bet broker that provides access to a number of reputed bookmakers. Because it places bets on behalf of the bettors, you will not be communicating with bookies directly. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about having your accounts limited or banned.
  • In addition, each of Sportmarket’s bookies has its own business plan. Sportmarket and other sharp bookies, unlike regular bookmakers, generate money only from turnovers. In addition, it provides a free service to consumers since it collects commissions from bookmakers.
  • Sportmarket accepts any wager that qualifies as “Sharp money,” and their lines will be adjusted appropriately. The cycle will then be repeated, this time with someone from the opposing side wagering against the same odds. Thus, Sportmarket can manage both sides’ activity, reducing the risk of losing the bet.

What Sets Sportmarket Apart from The Others?

  • Sportmarket’s members have access to a variety of sportsbooks, all of which do not penalize persistent winners who bet little sums. It also benefits experienced bettors looking for a more efficient betting environment.
  • It automatically locates the best-odds bookies and puts bets with them. As a result, professional bettors have an increased chance of winning, which is the most appealing to them.
  • Sportmarket doesn’t hold positions on bets which is another advantage of this bet broker. So, bettors don’t have to worry about running out of money and being unable to pay.
  • Betting exchanges, such as Sportmarket earn money from bettors’ wagers. That’s why they always welcome regular winners on their platform as regular winners are well-acknowledged about the betting techniques and how to win more and more.

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