How To Get Best Premier League Odds with Bookielink [2022]

Best Premier League Odds with Bookielink


We’ll discover how to get the best Premier League odds with Bookielink in this article. It’s important to be aware of some of the issues with typical sportsbooks in the betting market before diving into the Premier League odds. Let’s examine this issue more closely and consider solutions.

Problems With Conventional Bookmakers for Consistent Winners

Everyone who bets wants to go on a winning streak. Nevertheless, you won’t always benefit from this idea. What happens if your account is restricted or suspended once you start regularly winning wagers? Unfortunately, most consistent winners find themselves in this scenario because not all bookies appreciate consistent wins and frequently suspend the winner’s account for no obvious cause. You will be suspected of cheating even though you win honestly.

It occurs since bookmakers do not want to constantly pay you a large sum of money. As players always give consent to bookmakers’ “Terms & Conditions” before placing bets, they cannot be sued, even if the bookmakers’ actions are unethical.

What Is the Solution?

The BestBettingAgents are available to help you with this problem. Instead of dealing with bookmakers personally, this issue can be solved by betting through a betting exchange like Bookielink. In order to communicate with the bookies, you use betting exchanges.

As a result, placing wagers with bookmakers directly is no longer necessary, and doing so will not result in your account being suspended or limited.

Why Bookielink?

  • Users can access Asian betting markets through Bookielink, an experienced and reliable betting broker. Since Bookielink handles bets on behalf of bettors, they are not required to place wagers directly with the bookies. They are therefore free from having to worry about having their accounts restricted or suspended.
  • Additionally, each bookmaker Bookielink offers has its own unique business plan. Bookielink and other savvy bookies, unlike traditional sportsbooks, only make money from turnovers. It offers a free service to players since it receives commissions from bookmakers.
  • Bookielink will accept any wager that falls within the category of “sharp money,” and their lines will be changed to reflect this. A rival player will then place a wager against the same odds, and the procedure will be repeated. By controlling the actions of both parties, Bookielink lowers the likelihood that the bet will be lost.

Let’s now examine the Premier League and some of the most well-liked betting markets within it.

What is Premier League?

The most renowned sporting league in the world is the Premier League. This league currently has 20 clubs participating. Manchester United had a total of 13 Premier League championships from 1993 to 2020, with Chelsea coming in second with 5 wins. Mohamed Salah, who scored 16 goals for Liverpool in 2021–2022, was the league’s top scorer.

Popular betting markets for Premier League

As the most watched sporting event in the world, the English Premier League draws a wide range of betting markets from several bookmakers. The most common Premier League betting markets are shown below.

Best Premier League Odds and Markets

  • 1X2: In the Premier League, 1X2 is an extremely popular betting option when the draw is a possibility. Three-way betting is another name for it because 1 indicates a home win, X denotes a tie, and 2 indicates an away
  • Half Time/Full Time: In Half Time/Full-Time betting, participants must guess which team will lead at the break and which one will lead after the final whistle. At halftime and the end of the game, there are three possible outcomes: the home team wins, the away team wins, or the game is tied.
  • Asian Handicap: A stronger team must win by a wider margin in order for the bettor to win in Asian handicap betting, where teams are handicapped based on their current performance. Spread betting in this manner had its start in Indonesia. Asian handicap betting reduces the number of possibilities from three (in regular 1X2 betting) to two by removing the draw.
  • Over/Under Goals: A type of betting market where predicting game circumstances takes precedence over predicting the outcome is the Over/Under betting market. This market is comparable to the 1X2 and handicap markets, where game characteristics like the total goals are more important than the result.

The most popular betting options in the Premier League are the four markets mentioned above. The Bookielink platform offers these and some other popular betting markets. Users are able to bet using the greatest odds currently on the market.

What Distinguishes Bookielink from others?

  • Bookielink links its customers to a variety of bookies, all of which do not discourage regular winners even if they place small wagers. Additionally, it provides a platform for experienced gamblers looking for a more productive betting
  • It chooses the bookmakers with the best odds and then autonomously places bets with them. That’s how your long-term winning odds increases, which attracts professional players.
  • This platform does not maintain positions on bets, in contrast to certain betting exchanges, which lowers the possibility of bettors running out of money and being unable to make up for their losses.
  • Betting by gamblers is how Bookielink makes money. Consistent winners are therefore always valued on this site.