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How To Get Best World Cup Odds with BetInAsia [2022]

Best World Cup Odds with BetInAsia

About FIFA World Cup

FIFA World Cup is the most prestigious tournament in the world in which teams from 32 nations take part. The first World Cup was held in Uruguay in 1930, and it has been hosted every four years. Over 200 countries compete in the year-long qualifiers, with 32 teams qualifying for the event. Brazil holds the record for being the only country which participated in every world cup to date.

Brazil has won the maximum number of world cup titles, 5 times, with participation in a total of 7 finals. Germany and Italy occupy 2nd place in winning titles with 4 titles each. All-time top goal scorers of the FIFA world cup are Miroslav Klose from Germany and Ronaldo from Brazil, respectively, with 16 and 15 goals.

We’ll learn about the best betting markets and how to get the best world cup odds with BetInAsia in this post. It’s important to understand some of the problems with traditional bookmakers prior to starting betting on the world cup odds. Let’s look at the problem you might be having and how to overcome it.

Problems With Regular Bookmakers for Constant Winners

Every bettor dreams of a winning streak while betting. This dream, on the other hand, will not always benefit them. What happens if you start consistently winning bets and your account is suspended or restricted? Unfortunately, this is the situation for most consistent winners, as not all bookmakers accept consistent winnings and often restrict the winner’s account for no obvious cause. You will be suspected of cheating even though you win honestly.

It happens because bookies are hesitant to invest a huge sum of money in an individual. Despite the fact that the bookmakers’ activities are illegal, you are unable to sue because you consented to their terms and conditions when you began betting with them. This is a significant issue for both experienced and recreational gamblers.

What Is the Solution?

Of course, there is a solution to every difficulty! The BestBettingAgents are ready to help you solve your problem. Instead of betting directly with bookmakers, this problem can be solved by betting via betting exchanges. Betting exchanges serve as a mediator between you and the bookies. As a result, it is no longer essential to place bets directly with bookmakers. Your account will not be limited or revoked in this way.

Don’t be concerned if a few betting exchanges violate ethical guidelines. For the best liquidity and safety, you should place your bets with BetInAsia, the top-rated betting exchange on

What Are the Benefits of BetInAsia?

  • BetInAsia is a reputable and licensed bet broker that allows you to access many bookmakers and exchanges with a single account. Since BetInAsia processes bets in favor of the bettors, you won’t have to deal directly with sportsbooks. As a result, there’s no need to worry about your account being banned or limited.
  • Furthermore, the bookmakers, available on the BetInAsia Black platform, have a distinct business strategy. Sharp bookmakers, such as BetInAsia, rely solely on the turnovers generated by the bets placed. So, there are no commission charges or hidden charges like the traditional bookmaker’s charge.
  • BetInAsia accepts any bet that qualifies as “sharp money,” and their odds are modified accordingly. Sharp money refers to bets made by expert bettors whose knowledge is valued by the bookmaker. The procedure will then be repeated with someone else on the opposing side of the same bet. BetInAsia can control the conduct of bettors on both sides using this strategy, leaving them at the lowest potential risk.

Common Betting Markets for FIFA World Cup

Both before and during the world cup tournament, you’ll be able to place outright bets on a variety of markets. Let’s take a look at the most popular betting markets for the world cup.

Best World Cup Odds and Markets

  • Asian Handicap: As a type of handicap market, most World Cup bettors choose Asian handicap betting. Each side is allocated a goal handicap in this market, and bettors bet on the final result after the handicap is applied. Therefore, the teams have nearly equal chances of winning. There are several different forms of Asian handicap bets, including the 1 Asian handicap and the 5, 1 Asian handicap.
  • Total Goals (Over/Under): In the World Cup, this is one of the most lucrative betting markets. This is a type of bet in which you can bet on the total goals scored in a game. In most cases, this value is 2.5 (Goals scored under or over 2.5). All bookmakers who provide World Cup bets offer this form of wager. As there are just two options, it attracts a lot of gamblers.
  • Correct Score: Trying to predict the final score line (90 minutes + extra time) is one of the most difficult yet rewarding betting possibilities. Because of the appealing odds offered by betting operators, many participants are enticed to this market. Unlike over/under goals, which allow for some flexibility, you need to get the score exactly correct to win.
  • Half Time/Full Time: This is one of those straightforward betting markets which is also difficult to predict. You must predict the game’s result at the end of halftime or at the end of the game. You’ll win your bet even if the final score is 1:0 if the home team you choose scored that goal in the first half.
  • 1X2: This is one of the most well-known and extensively used betting markets for the FIFA World Cup. In this betting market, all you have to do is estimate whether the match will result in a home win, a draw, or an away win. Three-way betting is another name for it. While it may seem that predicting something is simple and clear, making accurate guesses necessitate extensive research.

The five markets listed above are the most preferred betting options in FIFA World Cup. With BetInAsia, you can find and bet on all of these famous betting markets.

What Distinguishes BetInAsia from the Competition?

  • Users of BetInAsia can choose from a variety of bookmakers, all of which do not restrict frequent winners who gamble small amounts. As a result, you don’t have to worry about your account being suspended or restricted. By integrating many bookies with only one click, bettors can place substantially larger bets.
  • Another benefit of using this platform is that it gives you access to some of Asia’s greatest bookmakers that are only accessible through BetInAsia. As a result, bettors can be introduced to all these new bookies with better odds.
  • To make money, BetInAsia and a few other betting exchanges depend entirely on the turnover produced by bettors’ bets. As a result, on this platform, champions with a track reputation for excellence are always valued.

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