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BFB247 - New Betting Agent and Betfair Alternative [2024]

BFB247 is a new betting agent, providing an all-in-one betting suite for professional bettors. Among the products BFB247 offer, they offer an exchange based on Orbit Exchange, the largest and most trusted Betfair White-Label available to bettors worldwide. With Orbit Exchange, you will therefore have access to the Betfair Exchange liquidity, even if access to Betfair is restricted in your country.

BFB247 offers an industry-low 2.5% commission in Orbit Exchange when creating an account via BestBettingAgents.

Want even lower commission? Send us a message!

Follow this link.

In addition to the exchange offering, BFB247 also offer an exclusive Footballbook, as well as a Sportsbook (Pinnacle).

Orbit Exchange - Overview

Orbit Exchange is the world’s largest betting exchange, having launched in April 2017. It is powered by Betfair, which has a user base of over 4 million people. It has quickly risen to the top, outperforming numerous betting exchanges, including different other Betfair white-labeled exchanges. There are some similarities between Orbit Exchange and Betfair, such as equal odds and liquidity, keep in-play functions as well as cash-out options.

The biggest difference between these two is the user interface of the website, which is far more organized and easier in OrbitX than in Betfair. Orbit Exchange also does not have the infamous Premium Charge.

The Lay or Back bets are available, similar to Betfair and other exchange bookmakers. The lay is used to gamble against a team, whereas the back is used to bet on the team. These bet types may be employed on the same market and bettors can profit from it. This is why Orbit Exchange is so popular, especially among those who are unable to access Betfair.

Another huge advantage is that the customer only pays commission on the net profit on each market. This is particularly useful when trading in and out of positions.

Orbit also lets bettors to place bets in-play matches. Depending on the event and the demand for a particular market, the minimum and maximum betting limits may vary.

Orbit Exchange – Available Sports

Orbit Exchange offers a wide variety of sports and you can wager on various events, domestic and international games, sports, racing, and fights. Although there are more than 20 sports accessible, you will not be able to bet on each sport and on every event. It must be listed on the exchange, and another bettor must bet on the opposite result of the event. The following are the most of the sports accessible on Orbit:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • American Football
  • Horse Racing
  • Boxing
  • MMA
  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • Boxing
  • Baseball
  • Ice Hockey
  • Golf
  • eSports
  • ...and many more!

Available Betting Markets

All betting options are available, including the traditional 1×2 and handicaps, as well as correct score (HT/FT), double chance, first to start, mix parlays, Moneyline, Odd/Even, Over/Under, period betting, both teams to score, score cast markets, peripheral bets (corners, cards, etc.) and method of victory.

Orbit also offers pre-event and in-play betting, which is a tremendous addition to its services. The only odds format accessible at Orbit is European odd, and the lowest possible stake you can place is just 7 EUR. Every event has different minimum and maximum betting limits. Orbit’s liquidity, markets, and prices are all very competitive, which is why they offer 100% settlement, which leads to quick and secure payments.

How to Register an Account

It is impossible to create a direct account with Orbit Exchange. Getting help from a bet broker or betting agent is the easiest option to sign up on the Orbit Exchange platform. You can create an Orbit account using the premium betting service of BFB247. To create an Orbit account, you first have to open a BFB247 account and an Orbit account will be automatically created for you with that.

  1. Click this link to create your BFB247 account to enable the exclusive 2.5% commission on your account.
  2. In the next page you have to give some information such as your preferred username and password for the website and your valid email address.
  3. You have to select your preferred currency.
  4. Enter your personal details such as name, date of birth, gender, country of residence, address, nationality, and identity or passport number. Then, click on the “Register” button.
  5. An account will be created. Make sure you complete the KYC procedure.

Account Verification

After registering an account, it is important to complete the verification process to start withdrawing money. You have to upload pictures of the front and back side of your driving license, ID or passport for the ID verification. Then, you have to upload a copy of your utility bill or bank statement for the address verification.

Please contact customer service at BFB247 if you have questions regarding identify verification.

Footballbook – Access the best odds and highest limits

Looking for a one-stop destination to satisfy your football betting needs? The Footballbook platform offers an extensive range of football leagues from around the world, so you can always find the matches you’re interested in.

At BFB247, in-play betting is the an important part of their product offering. That’s why it is easy for you to find the latest in-play bets right on the front page of the website. Plus, the Footballbook also allows you to check the schedule of upcoming matches and even watch live games in high quality on the right side of the site.

What’s more, Footballbook is powered by Easybet, which offers liquidity to the asian sharp bookmaker ISN. You’ll find a variety of betting options available, including win/lose, half-time win, asian handicap betting, and much more. And with the live TV stream, you can enjoy several football matches every day without ever leaving the site.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to football betting. Choose BFB247’s Footballbook and experience the thrill of the game like never before.

Sportsbook – Pinnacle with full limits

Pinnacle Sports is a well-established online sports betting platform with a range of impressive features that cater to sports enthusiasts. The bookmaker offers highly competitive odds, making it a popular choice for serious sports bettors who are looking to maximize their returns. Additionally, Pinnacle Sports provides a variety of betting options, including traditional sports like football, basketball, and baseball, as well as less common sports such as esports, handball, and volleyball.

Pinnacle Sports also offers live betting with high betting limits, making it an ideal choice for high-rollers and professional sports bettors. 

Via BFB247, users will directly access Pinnacle Sports, with the BFB247 linked directly to the account. This means that users do not need to transfers funds between bookmakers when betting using the different products.

The interface of Pinnacle Sports is simple and user-friendly, allowing users to navigate easily and place bets without any fuss. While the platform does not offer flashy graphics or promotions, it focuses on providing a reliable and efficient betting experience for its users.

Overall, Pinnacle Sports is a reputable and trusted bookmaker that provides a variety of features and options for sports bettors. Its competitive odds, variety of betting options, and high betting limits make it a go-to choice for serious sports enthusiasts.

Dedicated Cricket Betting using Cricketbook!

Cricket betting is becoming increasingly popular around the world. Growing popularity is seen especially in the UK, and also in Asian countries like India.

Orbit has created its own proprietary cricketbook, where betting on cricket games, all over the world is possible, at the best price available. Some markets are available at 0% commission.  

Indian bettors are able to bet with the highest limits and best odds using the Cricketbook.

Payment Methods and Commission Charges

There are several possible ways to fund your BFB247 account. Users can deposit funds into their BFB247 wallet and then transfer the funds between their wallet and their Orbit account. There are various deposit options such as:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Crypto
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • ecoPayz
  • MuchBetter
  • Astropay

The minimum deposit amount for bank transfer is 1000 EUR, and Cryptocurrency and other eWallets require a minimum of 30 EUR deposits. Withdrawals are made in the same way as deposits are made with one free withdrawal per 15 days.

All winning bets in Orbit Exchange are subject to a 2.5% commission fee (BestBettingAgents VIP offer).

There is no commission on lost bets, and no fees on the stake refunded after the bet is resolved. Orbit only charges commission on winnings.

Follow this link to create your account!

Back and Lay Bet and In-Play Function

Orbit Exchange is very much identical to the Betfair Exchange. From the left menu after signing in, you can choose from a number of sports. After selecting a sport, you can either see upcoming/live matches or use the specialized search option to find a match.

The Lay or Back function is feature that is familiar with exchanges bookmakers. The lay is used to gamble against a team, whereas the back is used to bet on the team. The back options are represented by the blue boxes, while the lays are represented by the pink boxes.

If you’re interested in a specific back bet, simply click the button, then select your stake amount at the requested odds.

A lay bet is identical to a back bet in terms of execution. Simply click on the box of the bet you’d like to put, i.e., lay, and then select (or enter in) the amount you’re willing to stake in this case. Backer’s odds, Backer’s stake, and Your liability are the three elements listed. The odds at which the other bettor would place the back bet are known as backer’s odds. The liability is the amount you’d have to pay the other bettors if they win the bet.

For both back bets and lay bets, the bets must be put by clicking the ‘Place bets’ option. If you want to double-check your bets before placing them, click the option ‘Confirm bets before placing.’ If you don’t check that box, your bets will be placed immediately when another punter agrees to back or lay your wager.

Bet In-Play Using Orbit

Orbit also lets punters to trade in-play matches, with the European format being the only odd format available. The minimal stake is 7 euros, allowing recreational bettors to participate in the game. Depending on the event and the search for a specific bet, the minimum and maximum betting limits may vary.

Cash Out Function

Even before the events are completed and your bet is effectively decided, the Cash Out option allows you to minimize your losses or protect your earnings. You may get paid prior to an event is finished by using the cash out option.

You can cash out all of your bets on a specific market with just one click. The value of the cash out is determined in real time using the current odds on the live markets. Cash out may be unavailable if the liquidity on a certain market is low. The minimum cash out amount shown where cash out is available is the amount you will receive if the cash out is completed. If a cash out is failed, you will be offered a fresh cash out option based on Betfair’s current prices and in regard to your position.

Customer Support

Although Orbit Exchange doesn’t have any live chat option on their website, users who open their account through BestBettingAgents can contact the customer support through our website.

BFB247 – Better than Betfair and BetInAsia?

Pros and Cons with BFB247 in 2023

BFB247 – New Betfair Alternative [2024]

BFB247 offers an exclusive 2.5% commission on Orbit Exchange. Best Betfair alternative in 2023. Professional bettors welcome!

Price Currency: INR, NOK, EUR, USD, GBP

Application Category: Betting exchange

Editor's Rating:


  • Modern website with outstanding user interface
  • Access to Betfair odds and liquidity
  • Access to Asian bookmakers (Footballbook and Sportsbook)
  • Free deposits and free withdrawals in every 15 days
  • Industry-low 2.5% commission on winning bets (Orbit Exchange)
  • Free transfers between Wallet and betting accounts
  • The mobile version of the website is perfect for any device
  • Lower betting exchange commissions than personal accounts
  • Betfair access in otherwise restricted countries
  • Cricket betting – best odds available


  • A limited number of currencies are accepted
  • No dedicated mobile app

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