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How to get best La Liga odds with BetInAsia in 2022

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Best La Liga odds with BetInAsia

What is La Liga?

La Liga is the name of the Spanish football league. It has two divisions, of which the first one is called the Primera division (which is referred to as La Liga in English-speaking countries) and the second one is called the Segunda division. 

From 1929 to 2021, Real Madrid CF and FC Barcelona have dominated this league by winning the title 34 and 26 times, respectively. The champion of the last season was Atlético de Madrid. The top goal scorer of the 2020–2021 season is Karim Benzema, with 17 goals for Real Madrid.

Popular betting markets for La Liga

La Liga, along with the other four most prominent football leagues, engages millions of football enthusiasts, and betting numbers tend to increase with each passing year. As a result, lots of different bets are placed on every football match, and countless bookies throughout the globe try their hardest to entice even more bettors. Let’s see the best betting markets for this league.

Best La Liga Odds

  • 1X2: 1X2 betting is also known as three-way betting since 1 represents a home win, X denotes a draw, and 2 denotes an away win. When there is a chance of a draw in La Liga, it is a popular betting market.
  • Outright Winner without Top 3: In this market, bets are placed on the fourth team in the league, putting aside the top three predictable teams, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, and Atletico de Madrid.
  • Asian Handicap: Teams are handicapped based on their current form in Asian handicap betting, with a stronger club having to win by a higher margin in order for the bettor who placed the bet to win. It’s a type of spread betting that started in Indonesia. Asian handicap betting reduces the number of possible outcomes from three (in standard 1X2) to two by eliminating the draw possibility.
  • Top Goalscorer: It’s not just about the teams in the La Liga betting market. Numerous bookmakers even allow bettors to predict and place bets on the player who will score the highest goals over the season. As La Liga has numerous star players and top performers, it is quite a popular and interesting betting market.
  • Goal Total Over/Under: The over/under betting market is a type of market in which the focus is on predicting game elements rather than the outcome. This market is comparable to the 1X2 and handicap markets in that the game variables, such as total goals, are more important than the ultimate result.

In La Liga, the five markets listed above are the most popular betting choices amongst bettors. These betting markets, as well as many others, can be found on the BetInAsia platform. It allows users to wager on the best odds available on the market, with the highest liquidity and a broad choice of sportsbooks.

Problems with regular bookmakers for winners

It’s pleasant for gamblers to win stakes and gain revenue sequentially. However, several well-known sportsbooks are notorious for limiting or terminating the accounts of consistent winners. When you start winning stakes frequently, you will experience some restrictions or permanent suspension of your account.

It happens as the sportsbooks are not willing to lose much cash on you frequently. Although it is not a fair activity of the bookmakers, you cannot take any legal action against them as you agreed with their terms and conditions while placing a bet. Even if you are winning fairly, they will suspect that you are cheating.

What is the solution?

The solution to this problem is not to engage directly with the sportsbooks but to place bets through the betting exchanges that work as the intermediary between you and the sportsbooks. However, there are some betting exchanges too that are not abiding by ethical rules. But, don’t worry! The BestBettingAgents is here for you to choose the best betting exchange in the market.

Why BetInAsia?

  • BetInAsia is one of the greatest and most reputable sports betting exchanges, where you may access a variety of bookmakers and exchanges with only one account. There’s no need to be concerned about your account being restricted or closed because BetInAsia places bets on behalf of bettors, so you don’t have to deal directly with sportsbooks.
  • In addition, the bookmakers on the BetInAsia Black platform operate under a separate business model. Unlike other bookmakers, BetInAsia and other sharp bookies base their revenues on turnovers. As a result, they accept any stake that is considered “sharp money” and modify their lines accordingly. Then someone on the opposing side will bet, and the process will be repeated. With this approach, they are able to induce action from both sides, allowing them to manage the risk.

That is the reason there is no possibility of account restrictions with BetInAsia.

What makes BetInAsia superior?

  • Unlike normal bookmakers, BetInAsia offers its users a wide range of bookies that do not penalize consistent winners who wager small amounts. Therefore, there’s no risk of your account being suspended or limited. Bettors can place much greater bets by combining many sportsbooks simultaneously with only one click.
  • Another advantage of using this platform is that you can connect with certain bookies who are only available through BetInAsia. There’s a significant chance that new bookies will be discovered by bettors who haven’t heard of them previously.
  • Bet brokers, such as BetInAsia, earn from the turnover generated by the bets placed by bettors. As a result, on this platform, consistent winners are always welcome.

So, assumingly most of the people reading this article already headed to BetInAsia to start placing their bets, whoever does not have an account yet, click here to register one and get exclusive deals. If you create your account through BestBettingAgents, you will get 0.1% cashback on every bet placed via BetInAsia. Do not forget to use the promo code (“BBA”) to avail the cashback offer.