How to get best Premier League odds with Sportmarket [2022]

How to get best Premier League odds with Sportmarket [2022]

What is Premier League?

The Premier League is the most well-known sporting competition in the world. This league currently has 20 clubs competing. Manchester United has won 13 Premier League titles, which is the highest number of championships, from 1993 to 2020, with Chelsea coming in second with 5 titles. Mohamed Salah, who scored 16 goals for Liverpool in 2021-22, is the league’s top scorer for that season.

Popular betting markets for Premier league

As the English Premier League is the most-watched sporting event in the world, it attracts a wide range of betting markets from several sportsbooks. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular EPL betting markets.

Best Premier League Odds and Markets

  • 1X2: 1X2 is a popular betting market in the Premier League when there is a chance of draw. Because 1 indicates a home win, X indicates a draw, and 2 indicates an away win, it is also known as three-way
  • Asian Handicap: Clubs are handicapped based on the present form in Asian handicap betting, with a bigger team needed to win by a higher margin in order for the bettor to win. It’s a type of spread betting, and it all started in Indonesia. Asian handicap betting reduces the possible outcomes from three (in conventional 1X2 betting) to two by eliminating the draw possibility.
  • Half Time/Full Time: In Half Time/Full-Time betting, bettors have to predict which team will be ahead at half time and which team will be leading at the end of the game. Halftime and full-time have three outcomes: the home side can win, the away team can win, or the match is tied.
  • Over/Under Goals: The Over/Under betting market is a type of betting market in which the priority is on predicting game factors rather than the outcome. This market is comparable to the 1X2 and handicap markets where the game variables, such as total goals, are more important than the ultimate result.

In the Premier League, the four markets stated above are the most popular betting choices for bettors. You can find these betting markets and lots of others on the Sportmarket platform. It offers users the chance to bet on the highest odds available in the market.

Problems With Traditional Bookmakers for Winners

A lucky bettor may be able to win bets one after another. However, the regular bookmakers do not like this level of consistency, and the winner’s account will be limited or permanently suspended as a result.

It happens as bookmakers would not like to spend a lot of money all the time on you. Even though the bookmakers’ actions are immoral, they cannot be questioned because bettors are always agreeing to their “Terms and Conditions” before starting to place bets through them. No matter how fairly you win, they will take that you are winning constantly by unfair means.

What Is the Solution?

The BestBettingAgents is here to help you find a solution to this problem. Instead of dealing directly with bookmakers, this issue can be avoided by betting via a betting exchange. Betting exchanges operate as intermediaries between you and the sportsbooks. Consequently, placing bets directly with bookmakers is no longer necessary. Your account will not be restricted or canceled in this way.

Although it is hard to find a good betting exchange, don’t sweat! You can place your bets with Sportmarket, one of the recommended betting exchanges of

Why Sportmarket?

  • Sportmarket is a reputable and professional sports brokerage platform with a number of bookmakers to choose from. Sportmarket handles bets on behalf of bettors, so you won’t be dealing with bookmakers personally. As a result, there’s no need to worry about being restricted or having your accounts suspended.
  • Furthermore, the bookmakers available on Sportmarket have a distinct business strategy. Sportmarket and other sharp bookies, unlike regular sportsbooks, rely solely on turnovers to earn profit. Besides, it provides free service to bettors, as it collects commissions from the bookmakers.
  • Sportmarket accepts any bet that qualifies as “sharp money,” and their lines are adjusted accordingly. The process will then be replayed with someone from the opposing side betting against the same odd. In this way, Sportmarket controls the actions of both parties, which allows them to lower the risk of losing the bet.

What Distinguishes Sportmarket from others?

  • Sportmarket provides its clients with a diverse selection of bookmakers, all of which do not penalize constant winners who even place bets in small amounts. Besides, it’s a platform for professional bettors who want a more efficient betting experience.
  • It picks the bookies with the best odds and subsequently places bets with them. As a result, your long-term chances of winning rise, which is quite appealing to serious gamblers.
  • Another advantage of using this platform is that it does not retain positions on bets, unlike certain betting exchanges, which reduces the possibility of bettors running out of money and being unable to cover them.
  • Sportmarket makes a profit from the wagers of bettors. As a result, consistent winners are always valued on this platform.

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