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How To Get Best Serie A Odds with BetInAsia [2022]

In this blog post, we’ll learn about the finest betting markets and how to get the best Serie A odds with BetInAsia. Before delving into the Serie A odds, it is necessary to be aware of some issues with traditional bookmakers. Let’s take a closer look at the difficulty you could face and how to solve it.

Issues With Traditional Bookmakers for Winners

Consistent winning is something that every bettor wishes for. However, this fantasy will not always be advantageous to you. What if your account is banned or restricted once you start constantly winning bets? Unfortunately, this is the case with most of the persistent winners, as not all sportsbooks tolerate regular winnings and will limit the winner’s account for no apparent reason. Even if you win honestly, you will be accused of cheating.

It occurs because bookmakers do not want to spend a large amount of money on you. Even though the bookies’ actions are unlawful, you are unable to claim it because you agreed to their terms and conditions when you started betting with them. This is a serious problem for both professional and casual gamblers.

Is There a Solution to This Problem?

Every problem, of course, has a solution! The BestBettingAgents is here to assist you in resolving your issue. Of course, there is a solution to every difficulty! This problem can be addressed by betting through betting exchanges instead of working directly with sportsbooks. Betting exchanges act as middlemen for you and the bookmakers. Thus, placing bets directly with bookies is no longer necessary. As a result, your account will not be restricted or revoked.

Although a handful of betting exchanges do not comply with ethical standards, don’t worry about it! BetInAsia, the highest-rated betting exchange on, is where you should put your bets for the highest liquidity and safety.

Why BetInAsia?

  • BetInAsia is a professional and reputed bet broker that lets you access many bookies and exchanges with just one account. You won’t have to interact with sportsbooks directly because BetInAsia handles bets on behalf of bettors. As a result, you don’t have to be concerned about your account being suspended or restricted.
  • Moreover, the bookmakers on the BetInAsia Black platform have a unique business strategy. Unlike traditional bookmakers, BetInAsia and other sharp bookmakers rely only on turnovers to make money.
  • Any bet that classifies as “Sharp money” is accepted by BetInAsia, and their odds are adjusted appropriately. Sharp money denotes the wagers placed by professional bettors whose expertise is respected by the bookmaker. After that, the process will be repeated with someone on the other side of the same wager. With this method, BetInAsia can manage the behavior of bettors on both sides, putting them at the lowest possible risk.

Let’s take a look at Serie A and some of the most common betting markets.

What Is Serie A?

The Serie A is a pro football league tournament for the top clubs in Italy’s football league system. Since the 1929–30 season, it has been a round-robin event for nearly 90 years. In 2017, FourFourTwo magazine named 42 players from Serie A to their list of the 100 best footballers in history.

Juventus FC, an Italian club based in Turin, won the highest 36 titles between the seasons 1897/1898 and 2020/2021. Dusan Vlahovic from Juventus and Ciro Immobile from Lazio tied for the most goals in the 2020-21 season, with 21 each.

Common Betting Markets for This League

You’ll be able to put outright wagers on a diverse range of markets both before and throughout the Serie A season. Let’s take a look at the most popular betting markets in this league.

Best Serie A Odds with BetInAsia

  • Total Goals (Over/Under): This is one of the most profitable betting markets in Serie A. This is a form of betting market in which you can wager on the overall number of goals scored in a game. This number is generally set at 2.5. (Under 2.5 or over 2.5 goals). This type of bet is available at all bookies that provide Serie A betting. It appeals to many gamblers since there are only two possibilities.
  • Asian Handicap: Most Serie A bettors favor Asian handicap betting as a kind of handicap market. In this type of market, each team is given a goal handicap, and players wager on the final score after the handicap has been applied. As a result, the teams’ chances of winning are roughly equal. There are a few different types of Asian handicap bets, such as the 1 Asian handicap or the Double Asian handicap 5, 1.
  • Half Time/Full Time: This is one of those simple-to-understand betting markets that is also tough to forecast. You must guess the outcome of the game at the end of halftime or at the conclusion of the game. So, even if the final score is 1:0, you’ll win your bet because the home side you chose scored that goal in the first half.
  • Correct Score: Predicting the final score (90 minutes + extra time) is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding betting options available. Many players are drawn to this market due to the attractive odds offered by betting companies. To win, you must get the score exactly right, unlike over/under goals, which give you some flexibility.
  • 1X2: For Italian Serie A, it is one of the most famous and widely used betting markets. In this betting market, you simply have to predict how the match will end from three options – home win, draw or away win. It’s also known as three-way betting. Even while it may appear that predicting something would be simple, making the correct predictions requires thorough research.

The five markets listed above are the most preferred betting options in Serie A. With BetInAsia, you can find and bet on all of these famous betting markets.

What Distinguishes BetInAsia from the Competition?

  • BetInAsia offers a wide range of bookies to its customers, all of which do not punish frequent winners who wager small sums. As a result, you don’t need to be concerned about your account being terminated or limited. With just one click, bettors may place much greater bets by combining numerous bookmakers.
  • Another advantage of using this platform is that it provides you access to the best bookies in Asia that are only available through BetInAsia. As a result, many new bookies with higher odds can be introduced to bettors.
  • BetInAsia and a few other betting exchanges rely only on the turnover generated by bettors’ wagers to make money. As a result, winners who have a track record of success are always appreciated on this platform.

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