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How To Get Best Premier League Odds with PremiumTradings [2022]

Best Premier League Odds with PremiumTradings


This article will review the largest Premier League betting markets and provide instructions on how to get the best Premier League odds with PremiumTradings. Before you start betting with traditional bookmakers, it’s important to be aware of a few problems. Here are some potential issues you may face and their solutions.

Traditional Bookmakers’ Problems with Regular Winners

It is exciting for players to quickly and reliably win bets and make money. What occurs, though, if your winning streak results in account limitations or suspension? Several reputable bookmakers have historically restricted or closed the accounts of regular winners. Unfortunately, this is the case for the majority of regular winners, as some sportsbooks may block winners’ accounts if they keep winning for no obvious cause.

Since sportsbooks do not want to constantly spend a lot of money on you, it does occur. You cannot sue the bookmakers for their illegal conduct as you agreed to their “Terms and Conditions” before you started placing bets. Even if you win fairly, it will be thought that you cheated. Both expert gamblers and beginners have severe issues with this.

What Is the Solution?

By using betting exchanges, which serve as a broker between players and bookmakers, you can avoid this problem. Direct betting with sportsbooks is therefore no longer required. Bettor’s account won’t be limited or suspended as a result.

You can place your bets with PremiumTradings, one of BestBettingAgent‘s recommended betting exchanges, to receive the best odds and the highest liquidity.

Why PremiumTradings?

  • Customers of the recognized and experienced sports betting exchange PremiumTradings have access to a wide range of bookmakers. Because it makes bets on the bettors’ behalf, you won’t be communicating with bookmakers directly. You won’t need to be concerned that this will lead to the restriction or suspension of your account.
  • By giving users access to the sportsbooks with the highest odds and liquidity, PremiumTradings ensures extremely high betting limits. Winners of high-stakes games benefit the most from it. Asian bookmakers, which are renowned for having greater betting limits, make up the majority of the ones that PremiumTradings offers.
  • Every sportsbook on PremiumTradings has a specific business model. Unlike traditional sportsbooks, PremiumTradings and other sharp bookmakers only make money from the bets that their customers place. Because sportsbooks pay them a percentage on each bet, they also give a free service to customers.
  • When adjusting the lines, PremiumTradings takes into account any stake that qualifies as “Sharp money.” The procedure will then be repeated, with a player on the losing side placing a bet against each successive set of odds. PremiumTradings lessens the possibility that the bet will lose money by restricting the actions of both parties.

Now let’s look at the Premier League and some of the most popular betting opportunities for this league.

What is Premier League?

The most renowned sporting league in the world is the Premier League. This league currently has 20 clubs participating. Manchester United had a total of 13 Premier League championships from 1993 to 2020, with Chelsea finishing second with 5 wins. Mohamed Salah, who scored 16 goals for Liverpool in 2021–2022, was the league’s top scorer.

Popular betting markets for Premier League

The English Premier League draws a wide range of betting markets from numerous sportsbooks because it is the most viewed sports event in the entire world. Here are some of the most widely followed English Premier League betting markets.

Best Premier League Odds and Markets

  • Asian Handicap: A stronger team must win by a wider margin in order for the bettor to win in Asian handicap betting, where teams are handicapped according to their current form. Spread betting in this form had its start in Indonesia. Asian handicap betting reduces the number of results from three (in regular 1X2 betting) to two by removing the draw.
  • Over/Under Goals: In the Over/Under betting market, predicting the outcome is given less weight than anticipating the game’s variables. This market is comparable to 1X2 and handicap markets in which game characteristics like total goals are more important than the final result.
  • 1X2: In the Premier League, 1X2 is a well-liked betting option when a draw is a possibility. Three-way betting is another name for it because 1 indicates a home win, X indicates a tie, and 2 indicates an away win.
  • Half Time/Full Time: In Half Time/Full-Time betting, participants must guess which team will lead at the break and which club will lead after the final whistle. At halftime and the end of the game, there are three possible outcomes: the home team wins, the away team wins, or the game is tied.

The most popular betting choices in the Premier League are the four markets mentioned above. The PremiumTradings platform offers these and other betting markets. Users are able to bet using the highest odds currently on the market.

Why PremiumTradings Is Better?

  • All of the bookmakers that PremiumTradings users have access to do not restrict repeating winners who stake even little amounts. Additionally, it assists experienced gamers looking for a more lucrative betting environment.
  • In an instant, bets are immediately placed at the sportsbooks that have the best odds searching for them. Experienced gamblers like this since it increases your chances of long-term success.
  • Since it does not hold positions on bets, unlike some betting exchanges, there is a smaller likelihood that users of this platform may run out of money and be unable to pay their winnings.
  • PremiumTradings makes money from the bets that its customers place. The platform continually values reliable winners as a result.

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