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In the process of placing bets, a bet broker operates as a middleman between bettors and the bookmaker. There are many advantages of using a bet broker. Not all bookmakers have a license to operate in every country, and some countries are restricted to certain bookmakers. A bet broker will allow bettors to access those bookmakers which are restricted to their country. Although not all bet brokers operate in the same manner, the common point is that bettors can place all their bets on different bookmakers offering the best odds from a single bet broker account.
Moreover, bettors don’t have to deposit funds to different bookmaker accounts separately; instead, they can only make a deposit to a bet broker account and move funds from one bookmaker to another. Another reason for their prevalence among bettors is that Bet Brokers always provide good odds and the highest betting limits. PremiumTradings is one such bet broker which has gained a lot of traction amongst bettors.
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PremiumTradings Overview

PremiumTradings is one of the oldest and most trustworthy sports betting brokers in the world, established in 2011 in Curacao, Japan. It is owned and operated by Sprint Technologies N.V. This brokerage service is licensed by the gaming commission of the Central Government of the Netherlands Antilles with license number 8048/JAZ2015-033. Their primary purpose is to establish a platform where syndicates and punters may open high-limit accounts and enjoy the highest odds with some of the major bookmakers in the market, which are inaccessible to many people due to various restrictions.
PremiumTradings can provide bettors with accounts at some of the most famous Asian bookmakers on the market, such as Maxbet, SingBet, 18bet Asia, BetISN, BabiBET, Pinnacle, 1bet, and the casino bookmaker Slot10 as well as some betting exchanges: CITIbet, Turf7, and FairExchange.
Bettors will have access to different betting platforms and tools through PremiumTradings under a single profile. Premium bet broker is a tool for placing bets with the maximum limits and best odds available on the market. Another significant tool of PremiumTradings is Premium Goal, which allows bettors to place pre-match and live bets across many sports with all available bookmakers at once. An uncommon tool which makes PremiumTradings different from its competitors is Premium pool. This tool allows you to connect with your friends and use a shared account. Every user will have a specific portion of the account and they will share the profit in the same way.
Furthermore, the beneficial option of Skype betting is also available on PremiumTradings. It has substantially greater limits and is ideal for premium players or larger betting parties. The user will contact PremiumTradings traders over Skype and write the desired bet, minimum odds, and amount. The trader will then try to place the bet as quickly as possible. The bet will be confirmed immediately after the user places it. It is typically a solution for users with above-average betting requirements.
Premium Bet Broker Platform

Premium Bet Broker Platform

Premium Bet Broker is a betting brokerage that offers a bet-by-request service. PremiumTradings offers Bet Broker as a tool to provide punters with the biggest limits and greatest odds on the market. Customers can access it directly from their account’s Private Area. After registering an account, users just have to log-in and select their preferred event and market. It is possible to put a desired stake, no matter if it exceeds the standard limit. Users can also set the minimum odds they want for the bet. Then the bet will be submitted to a real trader who will begin working right away and let the user know when the bet will be placed.
The interface of PremiumTradings bet broker is quite straightforward and simple to use, with a wide range of live and pre-match sports and markets. Unlike some other brokerage interfaces, it is not piled high with a heap of information. So, the betting information is easy to track. The bets can be viewed by league or by time, as well as by double or single line. Bet Broker offers the following markets: Asian Handicap, Over/Under, and standard European 1×2 (three-way) odds for full-time and half-time scores. It is also possible to bet on the next goal, team total goals, HT corner bets, FT corner bets, booking bets, and many more.
Picture: Asianodds Interface
The interface of PremiumTradings bet broker is quite straightforward and simple to use, with a wide range of live and pre-match sports and markets. Unlike some other brokerage interfaces, it is not piled high with a heap of information. So, the betting information is easy to track. The bets can be viewed by league or by time, as well as by double or single line. Bet Broker offers the following markets: Asian Handicap, Over/Under, and standard European 1×2 (three-way) odds for full-time and half-time scores. It is also possible to bet on the next goal, team total goals, HT corner bets, FT corner bets, booking bets, and many more.
There are five odd formats available on this platform, which are Decimal, American, Malay, Hong Kong, and Indonesian. Besides, there is a ‘Help’ button on the upper left corner of the interface, where a ‘Bet Broker Tutorial’ can be found which is pretty useful for the bettors using this service.

Premium Goal

The Premium Goal feature allows bettors to compare all available odds in real time using a single account. It will provide customers with market averages in an easy-to-understand format, all based on their preferences. The tool can be used for both pre-match and live games with the following sports: Soccer (full, half and extra-time, corners and half-time corners), Basketball, Tennis, American football, Baseball, Ice Hockey, Cricket, Rugby union, Boxing and MMA. Premium Goal allows users to bet on the following markets: Asian handicap, Over/Under, and Standard European 1×2 odds. It also enables bettors to experience live betting as well as betting on scheduled matches. All the live events are dispersed among the available bookmakers. So, if bettors can’t find a specific game in a bookmaker, it will surely be found in another bookmaker.
The interface is simple to understand for all kinds of users. There is a ‘Search’ bar on top of the interface to find any specific team or competition. The user’s credit, balance, and open bets are displayed in the top left corner, and a dropdown menu with the list of sports is right beneath it. Afterwards, there is a list of ‘In Running’ leagues for the selected sports, where the preferred leagues can be selected and the events and live bets are displayed in the center in details. Users can mark the events as favorites by clicking on the star mark, and they will be shown in the ‘Favorites’ list.

Premium Pool

Premium Pool is a feature that allows bettors to connect with their friends and share their betting accounts using a single betting account. Every user will have a piece of the account, as well as a share of the profits. By using this service, clients can connect with other experts where they place bets. It is a way for experts to place bets on different sports from a single account and achieve a good joint ROI and share profits.

Affiliated Bookmakers and Exchanges

The bookmakers and exchanges offered by PremiumTradings Bet Broker are the following:
  • MAXBET: MAXBET is probably the most successful and the largest Asian bookmaker, which was established in 2008. The company is licensed and located in the Philippines. Its gambling services are administered by Firstright Developments Limited and licensed by First Cagayan Leisure and Resort Corporation. It provides extremely high odds for all types of events. They not only offer sports betting to bettors, but also give them the scope to place bets on horse or dog racing and casino games. Moreover, the bookmaker provides a wide choice of betting options to suit all budgets. The minimum bet is $3, while the maximum bet is set at an incredible $30,000. Depending on the user’s choice, odds can be displayed in European, Hong Kong, or Malay formats. MAXBET only offers accounts through a betting agent, so PremiumTradings may be the best option to create an account for this.
  • SingBet: PremiumTradings Bet Broker provides accounts with Singbet, one of the Internet’s major private bookies. This bookmaker is unlicensed, so it is not regulated by any authority and thus they do some unfair activities frequently. However, it has risen to the top of its league merely by offering a diverse selection of football leagues ranging from low to high level, as well as pre-match and in-play activities. It also broadcasts key football matches live. Bettors can place Asian handicap bets on the number of corners, as well as red and yellow cards. Long-term bets on the outcomes of all major football leagues are also permitted, but the betting limits on these markets are limited. It should be highlighted that this bookmaker is notorious for canceling bets due to unethical activities in a specific market or game. Arbitrage betting and the employment of professional betting syndicates are two of the activities prohibited by Singbet.
  • 18bet: 18bet is an Asian bookmaker founded in 2010 that offers competitive high odds and fast bet settlement, when compared to many European bookmakers. The bookmaker is licensed in Malta and is operated by Shark77 Limited, and the betting platform is powered by Delasport. It includes coverage of the most prominent football leagues as well as other sports activities. Also, it provides a wide range of games that are live-streamed every day in high resolution and for free. It also features a VIP betting feature, which allows bettors to place bets significantly greater than the maximum amount allowed. This bookmaker offers good odds for all the events as well as decimal, American, Malay, Indonesian, and Hong Kong types of odds. Live betting is also accessible, with fair odds and a good selection of markets. The live betting department at 18bet features 500+ events per day, with an average payout rate of 93 percent.
  • BetISN: BETISN is recognized for being one of the greatest private bookmakers with solid underlying principles. The title (ISN – International Soccer Network) implies that it only accepts bets on football/soccer, baseball, and basketball. It has high limits on Asian handicap markets and attracts a lot of arbitrage activity because it allows very large bets. The site is operated by Oak Tree Services Limited, which has an online sports betting license from First Cagayan Leisure and Resort Corporation. BETISN is a private bookmaker that offers a full service with a large variety of football events and high betting limits. It offers four different odds formats, such as American, Malay, Hong Kong, and Euro.
  • BabiBET: BabiBET is a betting platform that was founded in 2015. It offers some of the best odds in a wide range of sports as well as hundreds of casino games. This bookmaker is licensed and regulated by the Central Government of the Netherlands Antilles with the license number 8048/JAZ2015-033. The odds at the sportsbook are quite competitive and among the finest in the industry. The odds formats are in Decimal, Fractional, American, Malay, Indonesian, and Hong Kong. Bets on live sporting events can be placed by bettors. The odds are displayed in real time during live betting. BabiBet offers an extensive range of safe and reliable payment methods. Moreover, it has a cash-out feature on some certain sports events. It also offers a sign-up bonus of 100% up to 100 EUR for new users.
  • Pinnacle: Pinnacle was founded in 1998 and has since grown to become one of the world’s top sports betting organizations. It is licensed by the Netherlands Antilles Gaming Commission and is located on the island of Curacao. It provides great odds due to its small margin, which is essential for all professional bettors. Along with the sports betting options, it used to offer online poker in 2008, but closed this service in 2011 due to changes in European gaming laws. It departed the United States on January 11, 2007, following the passage of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) in September of that year. In 2016, it was the first bookmaker to give odds on drone racing, and in 2010, it was one of the first global bookmakers to offer betting on eSports. It doesn’t offer any sign-up bonuses to its customers, but it offers a good betting line. In addition to receiving an aggregated offer on PremiumTradings, it allows customers to register for private accounts. Sportmarket does not charge a commission for bets placed on Pinnacle.
  • 1Bet: 1Bet was founded in 2011 as an online sportsbook with a strong focus on the European punter market. It is operated by Delasport Ltd. and licensed by the Gaming Commission of Curacao. Although it focuses on the European market, it serves Asian punters too, and that’s why the interface of 1Bet has both European and Asian views. However, it offers a limited number of sports, but there is a wide range of bet types available on 1Bet. The Casino and Live Casino are two of the most prominent features that differentiate 1Bet from its other competitors. It does have a minimum amount for deposits and withdrawals, which is 10 EUR. Similar to other bookmakers, it also offers various bonuses to its new customers. Users can receive a 100% bonus up to 100 EUR on their first deposit, as well as a 25 EUR free bet with the 25FREE promo code.
  • Slot10: Slot10 is an online based casino betting platform which was launched in 2019 and is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. At the moment, the casino offers more than 2,100 different games from 20 different game companies. Classic slot machines, video slot machines, 3D slot games, progressive jackpots, and themed games are among the available gambling choices.
  • CITIbet: Citibet is an Asian online sports betting platform that is rightfully regarded as a one-stop shop for all betting specialists interested in playing greyhound horse racing. The best thing about Citibet is that it includes races from all over the world. As a result, in addition to an engaging platform, bettors will have access to many more tournaments and races that take place in other regions of the world as a sports lover. It provides its customers with a wide range of markets. Punters can enjoy betting on various races taking place in various parts of the world, such as greyhound and other horse racing in the United States, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and Japan. Another advantage of the platform is that it requires very low turnover from the users.
  • Turf7: Turf7 is a betting exchange that offers best odds and a large number of races for betting on horse and greyhound racing. The races available are focused on the three countries where horse and greyhound racing are popular sports: the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia. It is expected to expand the time limits for pre-match betting, which are currently quite limited due to the site’s focus on live betting.
  • FairExchange: Fair Exchange, also known as Fair999, began operations in 2015, giving the company more expertise than rivals like Orbit Exchange and 9wickets. Being a Betfair Exchange White label, it provides the same limits, odds, and liquidity as the original. Although the exchange launched with only a few betting options, after a few years of success, it now provides more than 20 different sports to place bets on. The greatest advantages of this exchange are the minimum bet amount, which is 1 EUR, and that there is no premium charge. It also has a website with a faster interface than its competitors and the availability of betting in pre-match and in-play mode.

Registration and Account Verification

It is difficult and time-consuming to open an account with PremiumTradings. To register for an account, go to the register page of PremiumTradings. Then give the necessary information on the form, such as name, phone number, email address, username, etc. and then select the preferred bookmaker you want on the right side of the page. After that, click on the ‘Submit’ button and wait for their confirmation mail. They will ask for some documents such as photos of your ID or Passport (front and back) and a photo of proof of address, such as a utility bill, etc. After reviewing the documents, they will mail you back with the login credentials.

Payment Methods and Commission Charges

PremiumTradings provides a wide range of payment methods to accommodate a wide range of needs. These are Instant banking by Citadel, Bank/Wire, SOFORT Banking by Skrill, Skrill, Skrill 1-Tap, TrustPay, NETELLER, ecoPayz, Bitcoin, and Jeton. The variety of currencies on offer is also fairly amazing. EUR, USD, GBP, AUD, CNY, DKK, HKD, SEK, SGD, TRY, RON, PLN, NOK, and CZK are all available. However, the main currency is the EUR.
To bet with PremiumTradings bookies and exchanges, the minimum deposit is 100 €/$/£. The minimum deposit for using the Premium Goal tool is also 100€/$/£, while the minimum deposit for using the Skype betting service is 1000€/$/£. The minimum withdrawal amount is likewise quite normal, and it is 100 €/$/£ for all e-wallets and bitcoin, while the minimum withdrawal amount for banks is 500 €/$/£.
Users are only allowed one free withdrawal per calendar month, no matter how much the amount is. All subsequent withdrawals made within the same calendar month will incur a 1% fee.

Additional Features and Bonuses

The website of PremiumTradings has been thoroughly optimized for mobile devices and is mobile-friendly. Furthermore, they launched a mobile app in 2018, which is available on both iOS and Android. However, it does not offer all of the web version’s features and services, the app allows users to access your balance and transactions.
PremiumTradings also offers a currency converter, which can quickly calculate foreign exchange conversions for up to 30 currencies. Furthermore, this converter offers a verified Bitcoin currency rate for converting any amount to and from Bitcoin, based on the key marketplaces of the Bitcoin price Index. Premium Transfer is another standout feature of PremiumTradings, allowing users to transfer funds not only between different bookmaker accounts, but also between registered members for free.
PremiumTradings also offers a Welcome Bonus to its new customers, which is a free deposit at no extra charge and 10% cashback of the total deposited amount, up to 500 EUR. Existing users can take advantage of the ‘Refer a Friend’ program and get 1% cashback on the amount deposited by the referred customer. In addition, there is a Premium Cashback for the resulting turnover per month.

Customer Support

PremiumTradings support team is very fast and responsive. They can be contacted via the live chat available on their website. Users can also submit their requests through the contact form. Moreover, they can be accessed via email at and as well as via Skype: prmts77.

Notable Restrictions

Customers from the following countries are restricted from signing up at PremiumTradings:
The United States, Bulgaria and Israel.


  • Multiple betting opportunities with a single account
  • Mobile-friendly and availability of mobile app
  • Various bonuses and cashback offer
  • Share funds across friends’ accounts through Premium transfer
  • A wide range of bookmakers and exchanges


  • No live streaming available
  • Time-consuming and tough registration process
  • High minimum deposit for skype betting
  • Limited number of sports

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